learning sessions

Transport data visualization coaching session

Jari Honkonen& Topi Tjukanov
Forum Virium Helsinki (Finland)

Jari is a Project Manager at Forum Virium and Topi is a geographer at Gispo. This content was made to share a first hint on geospatial data, visualizing data and learning the latest tricks in modern GIS.


April 16th 2020

11AM - 12PM (CET)

Connecting your audience with video

Dennis Blarinckx
LUCA School of Arts (Belgium)

A digital creative. Founder of Bold Media, creating impactful video campaign for brands worldwide.

12PM - 01PM (CET)

Privacy and geolocation data

Stefano Bocconi
Waag (Netherlands)

Software developer at Waag and is interested in privacy and citizen participation, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, data analysis and decentralised systems.

04PM - 05PM (CET)

Smart Mobility in Amsterdam

Susanne van Gelder
City of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Project lead for the smart mobility programme of the CTO Innovation team for the City of Amsterdam.

05PM - 06PM (CET)

Community data commons

Jesse Marsh
Bag Consulting (Portugal)

Technology innovation expert with experience in more then in 40 EU research projects on themes ranging from regional development to cultural diversity, Smart Cities and business model innovation.

April 17th 2020

11AM - 12PM (CET)

Approaching innovation in Urban Mobility

Jordi Ortuño
Institut Municipal d’Informàtica Barcelona (Spain)

Since January 2011 holds different positions in public administration like Project Manager in Environment ICT, later in Mobility & Infrastructures ICT and currently is ICT Mobility in Knowledge Society Office of Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) of Barcelona City Council.

12PM - 01PM (CET)

The role of the MUV project in Ghent

Joran Van Daele
City of Ghent (Belgium)

Open Data Manager for the City of Ghent with a successful track record of using city data for open innovation. Through projects, such as PoliVisu and MUV and events, helps to maximize the potential of open data in Ghent and make its possibilities known to as many people as possible.

05 - 06PM (CET)

Longitudinal process evaluation

Roberto Moncada
LINKS Foundation (Italy)

Researcher in the field of the economics of innovation, with particular focus on blockchain technology and decentralized finance. In charge of research activities of the MUV project, related to process evaluation, exploitation strategy and market analysis.

April 18th 2020

11AM - 12PM (CET)

Geo Big data the new fuel of mobility services

Michele Ieradi
ESRI Italia (Italy)

Solutions Director at Esri Italia Spa, his career includes a wide international experience in the design and management of territorial information systems for client companies in the Telecommunications, Utilities and Environment sectors.

12PM - 01PM (CET)

How data feeds creativity

Domenico Schillaci
PUSH (Italy)

Researcher, designer and entrepreneur with a background in engineering, information technology and social innovation. He is Associate Managing Director of the innovation lab for social innovation PUSH and has been the technical coordinator of the project MUV- Mobility urban Values.

04PM - 05PM (CET)

The role of MUV project in Palermo’s planning activities

Elenia Drago
City of Palermo (Italy)

Technical Officer of the Municipality of Palermo's Innovation Office, she has coordinated the MUV stakeholders and decision makers' working group throughout the activities of the pilot in Palermo.

05 - 06PM(CET)

Framing Co-Design for Sustainable Urban Innovation

Enza Lissandrello
Aalborg University (Denmark)

Associate Professor at Aalborg University with a background in urban planning and public policy, human geography and socio-technical transition studies. Her work examines urban and regional planning under contemporary trends of reflexive modernization, participation, deliberation, conflicts and issues of representation.